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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 22, 2013 11:35pm-12:35am PST

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celebrate the first lady's new haircut. >> michelle obama, she's setting a trend with those brand-new bangs. >> i can't tell you how many people came up to me saying oh, i can't wait to see her bangs. >> for some people, all they can see is michelle obama's new bangs. >> those new bangs. >> the new bangs. >> you didn't mention the bangs. >> more about michelle obama and her bangs. >> what do you think of the bangs? >> i think the bangs are fantastic. >> you like it? >> i love her bang. >> love her new hair. >> i, too, really like michelle obama's bangs. >> bangs. >> bangs. >> bangs. >> bangs. >> she bangs, she bangs! >> i love her bangs. >> jimmy: there you have it. ricky martin is a time traveler. he knew this would happen like 12 years ago. it is funny that bangs are what most people talked about yesterday. it's interesting that mrs. obama chose inauguration weekend to unveil it. i have a theory as to why she did that. i'll give it to you in three words -- giant forehead zit. [ laughter ]
11:36 pm
[ applause ] you know, most people, myself included, seem to like the hair style, though some republicans are demanding further cuts. but bangs aren't easy to pull off. as far as i know, the only other women who have done it successfully this decade are zoe desh nel, jessica biel, and justin bieber. and that's it. but i think when a high-profile woman like the first lady does something like this, i think you can expect to see a trend. that's how these things work, right, guillermo? you know about fashion. >> right, jimmy. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look great. does this mean now you'll start exercising and eating broccoli like mrs. obama? >> no way, no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this inauguration was quite an event. did you know this was president obama's fourth swearing in ceremony, for real. the president took the official oath of office on sunday, because according to the constitution, the president can't be sworn in any later than january 20th, so what president
11:37 pm
obama did yesterday was technically the fourth time he's taken the oath. he did it twice in 2009, and did it the second time in 2009 because justice roberts botched the language on the first attempt. but, you know what they say, the fourth time's a charm. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear -- >> that i will faithfully execute. >> that i will faithfully execute. >> the office of president of the united states. >> the office of president of the united states. >> jimmy: i hope that's not a chinese spy fly. [ applause ] there were a number of speeches made yesterday. there was a poem written and recited by a poet, did you see that? that was boring. [ laughter ] on the one hand, i kind of wish i was cultured enough to enjoy poems, but on the other hand, i really don't enjoy people who enjoy poems. so the president gave a brief but powerful speech. he did not shy away from the many challenges he faces, a massive federal deficit, a
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conservative majority in the house, an aging population, runaway entitlements, humongous ears. the list goes on and on. but mostly it was a day of celebration. there were musical performances from james taylor, beyonce, and kelly clarkson. kelly clarkson was asked to sing "my country 'tis of thee." she's making her way to the podium. look at this. what do you know? bill clinton popping out there. [ laughter ] [ applause ] let's watch that again in slow motion. is president clinton checking her out? and the answer is yes. dirty little wack-a-mole you. this is kind of funny, too. watch beyonce here as she makes her way to the stage. she gives a kiss to the first lady, and then she continues. she gives a kiss to the president.
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and then joe biden -- right by him. sorry, uncle joe. beyonce sang the national anthem, and she sounded great, but it turns out she was lip-synching. a spokesman for the united states marine band confirmed today beyonce was singing over a track she had previously recorded. usually it's pretty easy to tell, but this time i think it looked very real. the key is to make sure you have a microphone with a big fuzzy -- you have that big piece of foam on the end, you can put it in front of your mouth, you can pretend to be singing any time. we took the video of beyonce's performance yesterday, we replaced her with another singer. this is her voice coming from an entirely different person, and see if you can even tell. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light
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what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> jimmy: you can't tell, right? [ cheers and applause ] that wasn't your voice, right? >> no way. >> jimmy: a little like joyce dewitt in "three's company." remember? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: immediately following the inauguration, the president, his family and select guests were invited to a traditional luncheon at the capitol. this is something they do. speaker of the house john boehner was seated next to the obamas, and a camera caught a great moment. in this clip, you see boehner saying something to the president, and he taps the first lady. and then continued this conversation, and now watch her roll her eyes there.
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she's even acting like a girl with bangs now. i was dying to know what john boehner said to cause mrs. obama to react that way. so we dug out the audio. sometimes the audio is low, we can dig it out. tonight we did. if you listen very closely, you can make out what they're saying here. >> what did abe lincoln used to put on his salad? >> i don't know. >> what, gettysburg addressing. get it? oh boy. >> jimmy: it's not a great joke. it worked for the meal. [ applause ] most of the networks had coverage of the inauguration going on all day, even though there definitely wasn't a whole day's worth of stuff to report on. that was most evident during the inaugural parade. this is where the president and the first lady slowly walk from the capitol building to the white house, and this event earned the folks at cnn headline
11:42 pm
news tonight's award for excellence in reporting. >> you know, what's interesting is she's got gloves on, but the president does not. >> oh yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: downright fascinating. the great stevie wonder performed at the inaugural ball. piers morgan caught up with stevie and asked him about gun control, which seemed a bit odd, but apparently this is something stevie has been given a lot of thought to lately. >> i was thinking, because i saw you on tv talking about the whole gun thing, and i was talking to one of my friends, i said you should go get me a gun, let me go with you to get a gun, and show how easy it is. and then imagine me with a gun. >> jimmy: never mind imagine, let's do this. let's make this happen. i don't want to overstep my
11:43 pm
bounds here, but stevie, if you're listening, i would love to take you to buy a gun. i'll even let you drive if you want to. but just say the word, i'm there. just ahead of the inauguration, the white house released the president's official portrait for his second term in office. every president gets his portrait taken. i guess you get an 8 x 10, two 5 x 7s, a dozen wallet sizes. i was looking at this today. it looks like an ad for crest white strips, doesn't it? robin meade had a long night. she was up bright and early this morning in her regular slot, and in doing so was good enough to provide us with our unintentional joke of the day. >> do you see the wind burn on my face? >> is that what that is? was it from the balls last night? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, i'm going to introduce you to a new line of
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. >> jimmy: hello. welcome back. julie bowen, leann rimes, and chris wallace are standing by to entertain you. we have a noteworthy show coming up on thursday. the worst person in the whole world, matt damon will be here on thursday. [ cheers and applause ] no, no, no. don't encourage him. every great hero has a nemesis. superman has lex luther, batman has joker. i have matthew mildred damon.
11:49 pm
his middle name is mildred, did you know that? it's one of the many things you're going to learn about matt. so make sure to check that out on thursday night. last night here on abc, the bachelor, shawn lowe -- do you watch "the bachelor"? [ applause ] nothing to be proud of. he's narrowed his potential brides down from 16 to 13, and he also set a record last night. shawn and young woman named leslie broke the guinness world record for the longest on screen kiss. the previous record was three minutes and 15 seconds. they broke that by going four minutes, six seconds, which is longer than most engagements on "the bachelor." it's a pretty long time. kissing for four minutes, it's a really great way to find out if somebody's a good kisser, and also if they have herpes, which apparently they don't. so that was amazing. once again, by the way, the word "amazing" was extremely prominent on this show. last week, we counted 17
11:50 pm
"amazings" and this week, let's go to the "amazing" tote board. >> what another amazing week we had. >> tonight could have been amazing. >> i am just so amazed by you. >> we had this amazing theme park. >> this is amazing. >> the kiss was amazing. >> it feels amazing. >> tonight could have been amazing. >> we've had the most amazing day today. >> it feels amazing. >> it's truly amazing. >> i've had an amazing day. >> it feels amazing. >> jimmy: 14. 14 amazings. i have an idea. how about we swap out amazing for annoying? that seems better. these people are so easily -- it is amazing how amazed they are. the match-up for super bowl xlvii is set. the san francisco 49ers will face off against the baltimore ravens in new orleans on february 3rd. they say this could be one of the biggest games of the year. [ laughter ] probably the most interesting storyline is the fact that the niners are coached by jim harbaugh and the ravens are
11:51 pm
coached by his brother john harbaugh. they're like the venus and serena williams of yelling at football players. are you excited about the super bowl? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, yes! >> jimmy: who do you think is going to win the game? >> the baltimore ravens. >> jimmy: you do? why do you say that? >> because they really want to win. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: incisive analysis. >> they've got to put more heart, because the 49ers, they won a lot of super bowls. >> jimmy: yeah, but that was a long time ago. none of those players were on any of those teams. >> it's okay. but the ravens are gonna win. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. i'm gonna give you a super bowl related challenge, okay? are you ready for this? >> okay. >> jimmy: a little less than two weeks. you have a little less than two weeks to figure out how to pronounce the 49ers quarterback's name. okay? let's put it up on the screen. so guillermo can see it.
11:52 pm
do you see that name? do you see the name? >> yeah. >> jimmy: go ahead and give it a shot. did you watch the game this weekend? >> no. >> jimmy: you did not? >> well, a little bit. >> jimmy: how do you pronounce that name. >> cakaepernick. >> jimmy: you're about 12% there. go home and practice it and we'll see if we can get it by super bowl weekend. >> all right. >> jimmy: here's an interesting study. this is from the university of colorado. they did a study that suggests teachers shouldn't use red pens to grade students' papers because it makes the kids feel like they're getting shouted at. when i was in school, we didn't feel like we were getting shouted at, we were actually getting shouted at. but they say -- the study said the color red is associated with stop signs and anger. and it can illicit a fearful
11:53 pm
response. it's either red ink or all the aderol they're snorting. [ laughter ] by the way, they seem to be forgetting the color red is also associated with swediish fish, and everyone loves swedish fish, right? [ applause ] one more thing. wrangler jeans just introduced a new product called spa denim. they're denim jeans infused with high performance moisturizer to keep your legs from drying out. finally, i've spent years every morning squirting lotion down my pants, and now you think of all the money and time i will save, too. i feel like i already invented lotion jeans when i was a teenager. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] they cost $140, come in three varieties, aloe vera is one.
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if the mayan apocalypse had happened, we would have missed these. the commercial they're running actually makes me want some. >> you're a man, you need a tough pair of jeans, jeans, sla in moisturizer. wrangler, the squishy jean. >> jimmy: hey, tonight on the show, leann rimes is here. we have music from chris wallace. and we'll be right back with julie bowen. so stick around. go! go olive garden's three course italian dinner. it's back for just $12.95. featuring 5 delicious new entrees to choose from. go creamy and dig into rich new penne di mare with shrimp. or maybe go crunchy with new parmesan potato crusted chicken. served with unlimited fresh salad and warm breadsticks. finish with a decadent dessert.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program this is her album. it comes out april 9th, it's called "spitfire," leann rimes is here. originally, leann was supposed to sing tonight, but she burst a blood vessel in her vocal cord. is that what happened? that's not contagious is it? will it squirt on me? so anyway, filling in heroically at the last moment, chris wallace is here. this is his album, it's called "push rewind." you see him at the house of blues here in l.a. tomorrow night. tomorrow night, we'll be joined
12:00 am
by naomi watts, from "girls. allison williams will be here, and we'll have music from gin wigmore. and later this week, nicki minaj, josh bowman from "revenge", and on thursday, matt damon will be here. did you know matt damon can't read? [ laughter ] not dyslexic or anything, just not very bright. if you were to combine our first guest's real life and tv-life, she would have two husbands, five parents, six children, and twenty toes. she plays claire dunphy on the always-excellent "modern family," watch it here on abc wednesday nights at 9:00. please say hello to julie bowen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm all right. i like your new studio. >> jimmy: thank you, you like it? >> it's beautiful. it's lovely. yeah, you look smaller or taller or bigger. >> jimmy: i'm getting smaller and taller at the same time. >> i feel like your chair could
12:01 am
be higher. maybe it's that i am lower. >> jimmy: i think maybe the new chair is a little lower to make me feel superior to the guest. >> and it's working, it's definitely working. >> jimmy: every night i sit down at my chairs at different level and it drives me insane. >> when wardrobe doesn't like you, they'll take in your pants every night. maybe you should stop hitting the doughnuts. >> jimmy: how's the family? everybody all right? >> you know, i have three boys. >> jimmy: how old are they? >> 5, and twin 3-year-olds. and they are juvenile delinquents. >> jimmy: they are? >> i've got one who evaded an alarm system in my house. i don't know how. at 5:00 a.m. good out to the minivan to retrieve a hidden stash of candy, left the lights on. i don't know how. i couldn't do this, by the way. this kid is good. he stashed it -- he's the 5-year-old, he's the oldest. conveniently left the lights on in the minivan, so at 7:30 when it's go time, go, go, go, dead
12:02 am
car battery. >> jimmy: oh, really. that's bad. >> but not as bad as one of the 3-year-olds, who wants to do nothing but watch me get undressed and break stuff. >> jimmy: that's what i want would to do also. [ laughter ] that makes sense to me. >> what is that? he's like -- [ laughter ] i'm like what weird strip club is this? he's like yeah. it's horrible. he breaks stuff and sneaks into the bathroom to watch me. >> jimmy: i know there's nature and nurture and some combination. do you think any of them will turn out to be actual trouble? >> probably the one that's quiet right now and is just like building a bomb in the corner. no one has noticed what he's doing yet. he doesn't sneak in. he doesn't turn on the car battery in the middle of the night and he doesn't watch me get undressed. >> jimmy: who knows what he's up to. >> exactly. he is building the manhattan
12:03 am
project right now. >> jimmy: were you a well-behaved kid? >> i really was. i also went to boarding school, though, so we were very much confined, sort of a hogwarts on the hill. >> jimmy: kids go to boarding school for one of two reasons, either they're bad or rich. or sometimes both. >> i went because -- i don't know why. but my sister was cool. i have a sister named molly who's cool and beautiful and lively. maybe a little too lively for the school at home. so she was encouraged to go somewhere that was a little bit more academic. we had classes on saturdays. >> jimmy: you did? >> oh yeah. you cannot contain 300 children who want to do nothing but get high and drink vodka that they've brought in in shampoo bottles from home seven days a week. you gotta add an extra day of school. you got one free day to get messed up. >> jimmy: let's go back to the shampoo bottles. >> by the way, children should
12:04 am
never do this. this is a terrible idea. and i went to an excellent school. that being said -- >> jimmy: parents should be on the lookout for this. >> that being said, you needed something -- a high concentration, a spirit, if you will. we would bring them in shampoo bottles because that's what you would start the school with, a lot of finesse bottles. it was probably not until i was of legal drinking age that i found out that vodka doesn't actually have a lemony tangy ever taste. that's not part of the game. i was like this is weird. i thought everything left your mouth feeling silky smooth. >> jimmy: you must have the shiniest, healthiest liver. we have a plan here. this is -- i don't know how this came up, but i think -- i have a treadmill in my office. >> i heard. >> jimmy: i walk on the
12:05 am
treadmill. >> what do you do on that? >> jimmy: i walk on the treadmill. you were derisive about this fact. >> because -- there's nothing wrong with walking. it's like the world's most popular form of exercise. except it's a hobbyist kind of a thing. it is to running wh inning what is to football. it's walking. it's good for you, but it's not really a sport. >> jimmy: at the mall they do it. >> but do you want to be that, jimmy? >> jimmy: i already am. there's nothing i can do about it. but with that said, i still believe that -- i know you run a lot, right? >> i run a fair amount. >> jimmy: how far do you run? >> i just run for time now. just however long i can, until they start screaming momma, momma! >> jimmy: at what speed are you going? >> i mean, yesterday i ran for an hour. today i ran half an hour. tomorrow i might not run at all. >> jimmy: and how fast do you
12:06 am
run? >> you know, a jack rabbit -- >> jimmy: no. >> put a jackrabbit on a heavy dose. >> jimmy: like what number on the treadmill are you running at? mine only goes up to 4. >> i'm sorry. i actually spat on your paper. >> jimmy: that's okay. >> i don't mean to be derisive. >> jimmy: you won't be when i beat you in the race we're going to have in a minute. >> i know. i've heard about this race. i just want to warn you of one thing. >> jimmy: what's that? >> i may not be the fastest runner, but i actually have been known to sleep in my running clothes, my under armour running pants. which my husband calls my body armour. not easy to get in. [ laughter ] and i sleep in those. and the full jogging ensemble. so in the morning i am one ponytail holder away from car pool and a run. >> jimmy: i don't do that, i've
12:07 am
never done that, yet i believe i'm going to defeat you and i also have a bet i would like to present you. we each have a twitter account. whoever loses the race, the other one gets to go on tomorrow for the whole day and tweet whatever they want from the other person's twitter account. [ cheers and applause ] >> can i tweet, like, as your penis or something? >> jimmy: you can do whatever you want. >> oh, i have to win this. that being then that you could tweet anything -- >> jimmy: i could tweet anything i want also. is that okay? >> sure. >> jimmy: are you ready to accept the challenge? >> what's the race? >> jimmy: we're going to race around the building and back here in the studio. i'm not sure how far it is. it should take us like a minute or something. >> like a minute. like four minutes. this is the thing. you're fast out of the gate. >> jimmy: i'm not fast. >> you're a man. >> jimmy: i'm not a man. [ laughter ] not really. i am an actress with a 4 in
12:08 am
front of her age in hollywood. i am all about slow and steady. >> jimmy: i'm older than you, i'm fat, i'm big, i'm slow. let's do this. >> jimmy -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right? we're going to take a break. we'll come back, jimmy vs. julie. what's better? faster or slower? [ all kids ] faster! ok, what's fast? um, my mom's car and a cheetah. okay. a spaceship. a spaceship. and what's slow? my grandma's slow. would you like it better if she was fast? i bet she would like it if she was fast. hm, maybe give her some turbo boosters. tape a cheetah to her back. tape a cheetah to her back? seems like you have thought about this before. [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. faster is better. and the iphone 5 downloads fastest on at&t 4g. ♪ home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love. and other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. every day, as always,
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why are you inhaling my baby? >> they only smell perfect like this for a little while. yeah, that's the stuff. >> from day one, i've treated this woman like a queen, flown her back and forth, tasted her native food. you know what chin tastes like? because i do. and now to find out -- >> what, i'm listening. >> you're rubbing yourself with the baby. >> i have seen you french kiss your dog. >> jimmy: it's "modern family." julie bowen is here. that is one big newborn right there, i'll tell you that. >> that was a sizable -- that is work. >> jimmy: look at those adorable little sneakers you've got on. >> i grabbed what i could. >> jimmy: did a my little pony come with those? >> a care bear came tucked in the toe of each one. >> jimmy: are you ready to do this? >> every single person backstage said to me get him.
12:15 am
>> jimmy: they said get her to me too and i don't know who to believe. guillermo, will you come over and start this off? guillermo has a gun luckily, so this will work perfectly. that's a starter pistol? be careful. you might get run over here. so we're going to go out the door, we're going to make a right, and we're going to make a right down the alley and another one down this alley. follow me. >> i liked chunky jimmy. oh, my god. >> jimmy: are you ready? >> i'm totally nervous. okay, go. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, stairs are bad. jimmy! wait! wait! wait! >> jimmy: is she behind me? >> i'm in a thong! i have a lace thong on!
12:16 am
>> jimmy: i'm wearing a thong, too. hey, cousin sal, what's going on? go, go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. look at what cousin sal did to me. this is ridiculous. look at how much i'm sweating. well, i will enjoy tweeting for you tomorrow. look at it this way. now you don't have to tweet. i'm going to have a heart attack. [ laughter ] and you're barely even breathing. >> you're like a little jackrabbit on crack. >> jimmy: i'll take that. thank you. thank you, julie.
12:17 am
"modern family" airs wednesdays at 9:00 on abc. we'll be right back with leann rimes. [ male announcer ] applebee's new entrees are full of flavor and under 550 calories each. you have to taste it to believe it. i believe it! i can dig it! [ male announcer ] uh oh. yep, they tasted it.
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>> jimmy: still to come, muse africa chris wallace. our next guest emerged as a teenage music phenom long before breaking up with boyfriends and writing songs about them was all the rage. she's a two-time grammy award-winning singer with a new cd called "spitfire" out in april. please welcome leann rimes. [ cheers and applause ]
12:23 am
>> jimmy: i'm sorry, i'm exhausted. i'm spent. i have no more energy left to give. hopefully you will provide it. >> you were running, right? >> jimmy: yeah, i ran. pretty darn fast. did you see that i won? >> well, yeah. i was trying to race you guys, but i couldn't catch up. >> jimmy: what are you wearing on your feet? >> i wasn't prepped to bring tennis shoes. next time. >> jimmy: how are you? everything all right? >> i'm good, yeah. >> jimmy: you have a voice problem. what happened? >> i've had these allergies going on, which i've never had. we've had crazy winds here. i've never had them. one day i woke up two days ago with absolutely no voice. i'm like okay, let me go to the doctor. >> jimmy: what do you think you're allergic to? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: they can do a test and figure out what you're allergic to. >> that doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but i'm going to have to go do it because i went into the doctor and they told me that -- i have no voice, my head is swollen, literally my face last night was so swollen.
12:24 am
so i went to the doctor and he tried to put a shot up my nose. >> jimmy: oh. >> i'm not kidding. >> jimmy: that's what they do, right? >> no, they've never done this to me before. because i haven't had allergies before. >> jimmy: you mean a shot of tequila? >> that would have been nice if he'd given me that before the needle up my nose. the shots actually didn't work. >> jimmy: well, you can come back again and sing next time. but you're able to talk? >> no, i'm not supposed to be talking. but i'm talking to you. >> jimmy: pass notes or something? >> i've been using a dry erase board. >> jimmy: for real? >> i'm not joking. my friend went out and got me a dry erase board because i can't talk for the next two weeks once i'm done here. >> jimmy: that might be a good thing because you're in the middle of this bat wl otle with of "the real housewives." >> real? >> jimmy: are they even housewives? do you watch this show? do you know what's going on?
12:25 am
>> i do, because i have to deal with my publicist every monday. >> jimmy: there's some sort of an exchange of things because your husband used to be this woman's husband and then you guys don't get along and she says terrible things about you and then you say things about her. sometimes mean things about her. >> hold on a second, though -- >> jimmy: yes. i'm about to pass out right now. >> i am, too. i think that's why i have no voice. been yelling at the tv screen. which i don't watch. i think that it's kind of interesting how it seems very one-sided most of the time. but then you've got to get fed up with people lying about you. words here. >> jimmy: i know she called you insane last night on television. >> i am. clearly. i am, though. >> jimmy: you have a little something that none of "the real housewives" -- as far as i know, i could be mistaken -- have. you are talented.
12:26 am
>> thank you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: so why engage in this? >> there comes a time when you're just like screw you. that's it. and that's all you want to say. and it's like i'm done with this now for like another three months. >> jimmy: that's their whole thing is to get people involved in these sorts of things. that's the only reason people are watching is because they're fighting all the time. if they got along with others, they wouldn't be on the show. >> right, but i'm not on the show. >> jimmy: but you somehow get drawn into this world. >> absolutely. and i don't really enjoy it. because i do actually make music and i love it. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you know what i would do? i'd funnel those thoughts into the songs. >> i have done that. >> jimmy: you are doing that. that's good. so some of these songs are about that stuff? >> most of them actually. most of them are just about my life. >> jimmy: yes, i see here on the track listing, "burn in hell real housewife." is that about them?
12:27 am
>> people could really read into that. >> jimmy: it's subtle, but effective. >> absolutely. "spitfire," i think it says what i feel like i'm doing sometimes with the music. i don't feel like i get to do it often. it definitely comes out through music. >> jimmy: do you work things from your life into the lyrics of your songs? >> absolutely. i mean, i think that's -- it's the only way -- an artist has always done that. they take things from the past, things they've gone through. i never can write really when i'm in it. i have to go through it and i can write about it. >> jimmy: do you write stuff about your husband? >> yes. >> jimmy: and how does he feel about that? >> he's actually super supportive. i have to deal with him kissing a bunch of women on television all the time. so he can deal with a song. >> jimmy: do you get into serious stuff? it won't be like you left your socks on the bed, that kind of stuff. >> no, it's some pretty deep stuff. and he is super supportive about it. i actually have a bigger problem with it. maybe there will be one day when he comes in and is like honey, i
12:28 am
can't do this. i'm not really sure if -- once you go there as an artist, you can't rewrite something. >> jimmy: no, you can't. because that song is there. >> so we'll see what happens. >> jimmy: and they play it over and over again. you could be driving -- and even if you made up, in five years, you could hear it again. >> that might be our biggest fight one day. >> jimmy: that's something to think about and for him to think about, too, like i better watch what i do or i'm going to end up immortalized in song. and if i do anything bad, make sure it doesn't rhyme. that's another one. >> it definitely happens. i think that might actually be the only thing that would end our marriage. >> jimmy: you've sung the national anthem. we were talking about beyonce before. have you ever lip-synched the national anthem? no. >> jimmy: you have not. are you against that in principle? >> usually, but there are times. i'm actually taking up for her on this one. there are times when people will ask you to do it and they will not let you do it unless you do
12:29 am
it because they want control over what happens. >> jimmy: well also, maybe it's freezing cold and you don't feel like your voice -- maybe the doctor put a needle up your nose or something like that. >> which is why i'm not singing tonight. i don't like to lip-synch. but sometimes there's those moments. >> jimmy: you could have and lip-synched. so you're saying you're not starting a war with beyonce as well. >> not at all. >> jimmy: look out, everybody, leann rimes is on a warpath. this is her cd. it's called "spitfire." it comes out april 9th. thank you, leann. we'll be right back with music from chris wallace.
12:30 am
12:31 am
>> jimmy: his latest album is called "push rewind." here with the song "remember when," chris wallace. ♪ i'm sitting with an empty glass and a broken heart thinking to myself ♪ ♪ what have i done cause as my future got bright we started losing light ♪
12:32 am
♪ and i couldn't see that you were the one so can we push push push rewind ♪ ♪ go go back in time when we were kids sneaking bottles of wine take take take me back ♪ ♪ i wanna go back back to what we had do you remember when we started this mess ♪ ♪ my heart was beating out of my chest remember when we stole your dad's car ♪ ♪ i never thought we'd take it that far oh we where flying so high yeah partners ♪ ♪ in crime so why'd we ever say good bye remember when we when we had it all ♪ ♪ do you remember when wish i was still the only one running cross your mind i guess ♪ ♪ i just want you to know
12:33 am
oh from your ruby lips to your fingertips i can't believe ♪ ♪ i let you go so can we push push push rewind go go back in time ♪ ♪ when we were kids sneaking bottles of wine take take take me back i wanna go back ♪ ♪ back to what we had do you remember when we started this mess my heart was beating ♪ ♪ out of my chest remember when we stole your dad's car i never thought ♪ ♪ we'd take it that far oh we were flying so high yeah partners in crime so why'd we ♪ ♪ ever say good bye remember when we when we had it all do you remember when ♪ ♪ i'm hanging by a thread i'm tearing at the seams holding on to what
12:34 am
we used to be and ♪ ♪ i should let you go but i just won't give up up up up up up up clap with me, come on push push push rewind ♪ ♪ go go back in time when we were kids sneaking bottles of wine take take take me ♪ ♪ back i wanna go back back to what we had do you remember when we started this mess ♪ ♪ my heart was beating out of my chest my heart was beating out of my chest ♪ ♪ remember when we stole your dad's car i never thought we'd take it that far ♪ ♪ and we were flying so high yeah partners in crime so why'd we ever say good bye ♪ ♪ remember when we when we had it all


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